Botanical Name Common Name

Quercus rubra – 80’x45’

An excellent tree for park or street planting. Glossy dark green foliage which turns red in the autumn

Red Oak

ginkgo biloba – 50’

Hailed as “undoubtedly one of the most distinct and beautiful of all deciduous trees,” the ginkgo certainly stands out. Unique, fan-shaped leaves turn a stunning yellow color in the fall. It can tolerate many urban conditions including heat, air pollution, salt, and confined spaces. And it establishes easily.


acer saccharum –50’x35’

Thick, heavy dark green leaves resistant to leaf tatter. Upright oval shape.

Sugar Maple

rubrum ‘Red Sunset’ – 50’

Nice form with larger leaves.  Scarlet red fall coloring. Available in single stem and multi-stem.

Red Sunset Maple

rubrum ‘October Glory’ – 50’

Excellent form.  Good summer foliage.  Fall color is brilliant crimson red.  Turns color last of this variety.

October Glory Red Maple

caroliniana – 8-10’

Also known as Blue Beech, Ironwood, Musclewood, or Water Beech.  Native tree with smooth, gray muscled bark.  Fall foliage yellow.  Does well in partial shade.  Tolerant of wet soils.


ulmus – 40’x30’

Broad oval shape with glossy green foliage and fabulous burgundy color.  Good disease and pest resistance. 

Elm Tree

platanoides ‘Crimson’ – 35’

Best of the red leaf maples, dark red crimson all summer.

Crimson King Maple

cercis canadensis – 30’

Rosy pink flowers appear in April. Reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then to yellow. Forms a spreading, graceful crown. Full sun or light shade. Partial shade preferred in windy, dry areas.

Eastern Redbud Tree

* Other varieties not listed are normally available.

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